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Bolt Agencies Africa was originally established in 1966 and due to a dissolving partnership in 2005, it became Boltag CC T/A Bolt Agencies Africa.

The owner, Mr Dennis Casey has been in the Bolt Industry for 50 years, supplying customers with various engineering products and components and has developed a comprehensive knowledge in the bolts, nuts and engineering world.

The team is well trained and has many years of experience to understand our customer's specific needs in order to ensure the most advanced fastener solutions.

What we offer

We are proud to be affiliated with suppliers, manufacturers and customers that are ISO standards accredited.

Our fastener range includes bolts, nuts, washers, anchors, self tapping screws, eye bolts, turnbuckles stainless steel-bolts, redi bar, self drilling screws and rivets etc. We carry stainless steel fasteners, high tensile fasteners, brass bolts and mild steel fasteners.

We manufacture special applications, fully machined and forged components to your requirements.

Our Mission

  • To provide bolts & nuts to client's specifications
  • To be a customer's complete source of fasteners, bolts, nuts, washers, screws and other high-tech equipment
  • To meet whatever the need for mild-steel, stainless steel, brass, etc.
  • To supply customers with a wide range of products and to meet all their product demands for deliveries
  • To be price and service competitive in this market of bolts and nuts
  • To maintain and provide service excellence.

Customer service

Our chief strength lies in developing valuable customer relationships where possible, dealing with the end user and providing sound advice and technical expertise to ultimately supply you with cost-effective solution that is beneficial for your specific application. This dedication to meeting customer requirements also enables us to meet stringent lead times, with technical solutions that supersedes industry expectations.

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